Our Mission & Our Values

Our mission at Refillable Market is to bring the best, most eco-friendly products to South Florida.  We hope to inspire a mindset shift from convenience to conscious.  And we hope to bring it to you in a fun, inspiring way through food, local businesses and education.  Our values are simple: to treat our bodies and the planet with respect.  Consumerism doesn’t have to mean pollution and deforestation.  We value mindful purchasing and minimalism to create a better balance between the planet and the people on it.  Together we can make a change. 

How it Works

Do you have trouble throwing out great jars?  Do you feel genuine anger at disposable products?  We are so here for you if this sounds familiar.  We want to bring you healthy food without the plastic and amazing local, zero waste products for your home and body.  Our bulk bin food items are delivered in 100% compostable packaging, and we’ll even come get the empties when you’re done refilling so that it can all be composted at a community garden.  It’s that easy to shed the disposable mindset, we hope you’ll join us in reducing waste in South Florida