This is a Date

Continuing with our monthly ingredient series, for June we’re talking all about dates!  We’re paying homage to the rich history and flavor of this ancient, special fruit.  Their exceptional versatility and intrigue makes them an excellent choice to experiment with for healthy recipes.  And of course they’re a bulk bin staple so readily available to […]

Chickpea Flour Hair & Face Mask

Chickpea flour, also called gram or besan, is a popular ingredient in many Indian beauty treatments.  This magical powder, the result of ground chickpeas, is yet another example of why you don’t need packaged beauty products with ingredients you can’t pronouce.  You might already have this and the rest of the ingredients lying around your […]

Chickpea “chicken” salad

Turns out it’s not chicken that gives chicken salad the classic, comforting taste.  It’s the add-ins.  So this chickpea substitute won’t make you wish you were eating the “real” thing.  Plus it’s full of just as much protein, with the addition of fiber, which chicken sadly lacks.  Once the chickpeas are cooked this recipe is […]