Indian Chickpea Curry with Spinach and Butternut Squash

As part of our chickpea feature this month we’re focusing all of our cooking energy on how to use these amazing legumes.  First up is this Indian curry with spinach and garam masala, or chana palak masala.  We’re also focusing on dishes that can be made low-waste.  Meaning little or no plastic packaging, and minimal […]

Chickpea 101

All month long Refillable Market is featuring chickpeas and all their versatile, affordable glory.  Enough for a month’s worth of content and then some.  We’ve rounded up some interesting facts about chickpeas and are starting with the basics in how to cook and store dried ones. Chickpeas are considered a “pulse” which is part of […]

Hello, South Florida!

Hello, hello, hello! We are Refillable Market.  Based on the web in sunny, muggy South Florida.  We’re here to redesign the way you shop, and what you shop for.  We care about your health and the well being of the planet.  Which is why we’ve created a shopping experience that makes it simple to take […]